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Money Qs

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What is CouchSurfing and how does it work?

The story has been an inspiring one for travellers stretching the globe. The original beta launch took place in 2003 with the public launch coming later in 2004. This is the leading global hospitality exchange website that was founded by Casey Fenton. This community has in the region of 7 million members. The Hospitality Club is the second most popular hospitality exchange service that is located at They actually arrived first back in 2000, although they only have around 700,000 members. Their site is much more basic in its design, as is also the case with GlobalFreeloaders that is another competitor within this space.


How does the Aqua Card at compare to other bad credit cards?

This has been an interesting company to follow over the past year that has been spurred on by extensive TV ad campaigns that has brought the brand to the attention of wider audiences. Many people stumbling across these ads may wonder just how they compare to other bad credit cards across the market. This includes the likes of Capital One and Vanquis who are already firmly established in the sector. If we begin with some basic background information, the initial Aqua card was launched back in 2002 and since this time they have served over 200,000 customers. The Aqua card is available in the Advance and Classic editions.


What is the best balance transfer credit card deal available?

There are some excellent credit card deals available across the market to choose between for those that have a good track record in repaying debts. There are various types of cards available that cater a range of audiences. For instance, you may be looking for a long term competitive rate, you may be looking for the longest 0% purchase cards or airline mile incentives may be of interest. This question here is being posed at what is the best balance transfer credit card deal available. Looking for any company that provides the longest 0% balance transfer introductory period is all well and good, but the initial fee also needs to be factored.


How are over 50 life plans different to traditional life insurance plans?

There are various types of life insurance policies available across the market. These products tend to be broken down into niche products and there are usually various add-ons that can be fitted to any policy for an additional cost. There are two main traditional policies that firstly includes term life insurance (term assurance) that is most commonly split between decreasing and level. The second type is whole of life insurance that is much less popular across the market. With a term policy you are paid a lump sum if you die within a selected period only whilst with whole policies a lump sum is guaranteed so long as premiums are always met.


Are there any payday loans like Wonga?

Wonga set the benchmark for short term loans when they launched back in the year 2007. At this time, the market was full to the brim with monthly payday lenders that required the customers to take the loan out over the entire month. Further to this, a minimum sum of say £80 or £100 had to be applied for. Wonga adapted the term issue in allowing the applicant to choose the repayment date that currently stands between 1 and 30 days. In regards to the amounts, each figure rised in £1 increments starting from just £1. New customers can go up to £400 and return customers can stretch to £1000.


Are Premier Inn £29 rooms really available?

Premier Inn is one of the UK’s market leading budget hotel chains. The company was originally formed back in 1987 and they are homed at They have in the region of 650 hotels and so there is plenty of coverage across the UK and they have even spread the brand to worldwide destinations such as Dubai. This chain is part of Whitbread Plc who have poured tons of cash into TV advertising using Lenny Henry to front their campaigns. To the question raised: “Are Premier Inn £29 rooms really available?” It is true that there are some £29 rooms available, although there are various obstacles in the way.


Is the Sun Life over 50 plan the best policy available?

The Sun Life over 50 plan issued by AXA Wealth Ltd is the most widely known product in the over 50 life insurance sector. This is primarily due to extensive advertising spots on our TV screens that have been championed by Sir Michael Parkinson over the years. These adverts always highlight the vast range of features that are fitted to this policy. It is headed as the UK’s number one choice and this product (The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan) is also headed as the most popular plan of its type that may very much be the case. This is a brand of AXA who are one of the leading insurance companies worldwide.


Who is the main competitor of Amigo Loans at

Amigo Loans is the most well known guarantor lender in the UK that operates from It hasn’t been this way for that long though since they previously traded under the name of FLM Loans. FLM was brainstormed back in 2004 and their website was setup later in 2005 (at They decided to rebrand in 2012 and so this new identity is still relatively fresh. Despite this, they have been growing considerably from running very frequent TV ads. They were of course the original company to offer a guarantor product that allows people with a poor credit score to receive a cheap subprime loan.


How is Credit Solutions, Cougar Financial Services and Power2Contact linked?

These companies are all debt collection agencies active across the market today. They are all owned by the same group that goes by the name of Credit Solutions Holdings Ltd (CSHL). This organisation was acquired by Arvato back in the year 2010 and so they have a good backing there, although there hasn’t been any major overhauls to their services or websites since this acquisition went ahead. These brands are all interestingly introduced on a single corporate website at This is an informational website that provides some background information surrounding their roots, their services and so on. There is also an online payments site called PayThisAccount that resides at


Is Broker King, Insure Your Motor and Quotea part of the same company?

It is correct that the Broker King, Insure Your Motor and Quotea brands are all part of the same company. There are in fact various others as well such as 4 Young Drivers, ESInsure, My Motor Quote and Prestige Keep Moving. The owner of all such brands is The A & A Group Ltd and some of their companies are listed under the subsidiary of Hyperformance Ltd. This is one of the UK’s most experienced insurance brokers that dates back to 1968. This is a family business that started with Dennis Allen and his son Tony Allen later joined in 1971 and the company later began trading as Allen & Allen in 1975.


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