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What is the cost of Cinema Paradiso and LoveFilm by Post and who is the best?

What is the cost of Cinema Paradiso and LoveFilm by Post and who is the best?
~ Martin from Doncaster.

Hi, getting straight to pricing, the cost of Cinema Paradiso starts from £6.98. This covers limited rentals (4 max each month and 2 discs at a time). There are some upgrade packages available, with their unlimited option being priced quite high at £22.98, but you can have 4 discs at a time that is a nice bonus. The Cinema Paradiso free trial lasts for 14 days if you wish to give them a try. LoveFilm by Post is priced at £7.99 each month and this is for unlimited DVDs (2 per delivery). If you are an Amazon Prime member then this cost is a little lower at £6.99. A longer 30 day trial is provided here. LoveFilm has been the UK’s market leader since the fall of Blockbuster. Amazon took them over back in 2011 and this transition hasn’t been smooth so far (based on feedback on leading review sites). They do have around 70,000 titles available to rent. Their noted rival promotes having more (75,000), but whether this is the case is not clear. Receiving DVDs by post has become less popular these days through the rise of online streaming, but one advantage with going the mail order route is that you can watch a much larger range of films and TV shows than you can online (legally). The companies that you mentioned are the only rental services now available in the UK. Each hasn’t been tested in detail in recent years and so it would be unfair to say that one is better than the other. It would be recommended to test each of them out on a free trial before deciding who to go with. You could even do this at the very same time to compare each through their available titles, their postal speed and so on.

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